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Flavour Profile: Earl Grey, Jasmine, & Peach

Producer: Feku Jabril

Region: Harsu, Uraga

Varietal: Heirloom (Welisho & Kurume)

Process: Washed

The Harsu region in Southern Ethiopia consists mainly of steep valleys with limited infrastructure and accessibility. Feku Jabril, owner of the processing station this coffee comes from, recognised the potential of the area, and began investing in the development of the coffee industry there more than a decade ago. He named the station after his wife, Hannah Asrat, and has carefully nurtured and developed the unique profile that comes from this region. Unlike most floral Ethiopian coffees, the Welisho varietal in Harsu produces very sweet coffees with notes of peach and dark berries. 

The exporting partner associated with several washing stations in this area, Snap Coffee, also recognizes the value and potential of this region. Snap not only contributes to the ongoing education and enthusiasm of the producers in the region, but also to quality and consistency. It is also involved in community projects, such as establishing recycling systems, building schools and health clinics, and increasing access to technology. There is, of course, a long-term benefit to the coffee industry with improved efficiency, knowledge, and trade export ability. Snap and its partners also work very closely with producers in the area to improve transparency and traceability. 

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