FUGLEN KAFFE Estrella Divina

180 kr

Proudly Presenting: Peru Estrella Divina

Producer: 27 Small Scale Producers in Rumpite, San Ignacio, Peru 

Varietal: Pache. Process: Washed 

Flavours: Chocolate, Cloves, Lime

Organic: NO - ØKO - 01 

This coffee is part of a category of coffees from Peru called Fruta Madura, which are characterized by their complex flavors of sweetness and fermentation. The 27 farmers each produce an area of 1-3 hectares at high altitudes in the north of Peru. This particular producing region has high premiums, but the expectations of quality are much higher than other regions. 

The coffee production in Peru is known to be modestly priced, and though many farms are certified organic, the low prices and high competition mean that farmers receive a very small sum for their effort, and this leaves little incentive to improve quality. Many producers also discontinue growing coffee in favor of more profitable crops. Origin Coffee Lab and other exporting companies have taken small regions like rumpite and work closely with the farmers on techniques and processes for improving production. Through training and investing, the coffee industry in Peru is now seeing some very exciting results, with better profit for the farmers, and a higher quality product, a more sustainable approach.

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